Signs You Need Termite Control

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Termites are one of the worst kinds of pests. Although they don’t typically bite humans and aren’t considered a health hazard, they are a huge problem because they pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home. Although there are several preventative steps you can take to help keep termites away, such as reducing moisture in your home or reducing wood-to-ground contact, these methods aren’t foolproof. Once termites infest your house, you should call for professional termite control services.

Signs You Need Termite Control

It’s not always noticeable that you have termites if you don’t know what to look for, so we have compiled some common signs that you need termite control:

  • Hollow wood– If you tap on the wood in your house and it sounds hollow, this is a clear sign that you probably have a termite problem.
  • Piles of wings– After adult termites mate, they shed their wings before creating a new colony. If you find small insect wings in your house, it’s time to call for termite control.
  • Mud tubes– Some termites travel through brown jagged lines, called mud tubes, on the inside or outside of your house. These mud tubes are made of mud, wood, and termite saliva and feces.

Although there are many signs of termites, they can go unnoticed for years, doing expensive damage to your home all the while. That’s why frequent termite inspections are important. Annual inspections are common. If you need a termite control or an inspection, give us a call.