Yellowjacket Control, Carroll County, GA

Our yellowjacket control services are performed by experienced and knowledgeable technicians.

Yellowjacket is the common name of social wasps that live throughout North America. In other countries, people often refer to these insects simply as wasps, as they’re part of the Vespula and Dolichovespula genera of wasps. Their bodies are black and yellow in color and feature large wings.

Yellowjacket Control in Carroll County, Georgia

Yellowjackets form colonies and often fly quickly from side to side before landing. Female yellowjackets can and will sting, especially when they feel threatened. You might hear them called “meat bees,” as they tend to show up when you’re hosting a barbecue. They often feed their larvae on the proteins derived from meats and fish, as well as other insects, although adults primarily feed on carbohydrates and sugars from fruits, tree sap, and nectar.

The presence of yellowjackets on your property is concerning because of their ability to sting victims repeatedly. Unlike bees, which die after stinging a victim, yellowjackets do not lose their stingers, so they’re capable of issuing multiple stings at a time. Not only are the stings quite painful, but the venom released in the process can also cause a significant allergic reaction that can even be life-threatening in some cases.

If you notice that yellowjackets are taking up residence at your Carroll County, Georgia home or business, contact us at Overwatch Pest Management for yellowjacket control. We can find and eliminate yellowjackets on properties of all sizes, and we’ll make sure to do so carefully to protect your family from the safety risks. Our yellowjacket control services are performed by experienced and knowledgeable technicians. We can also take a preventive approach to deter yellowjackets from taking up residence on your property in the first place. To learn more about our yellowjacket control services, please contact us today.

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