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Wildlife removal can be a complex subject for even the most experienced pest control specialists. When you reach out to us at Overwatch Pest Management, we always do our best to handle your wildlife removal situation quickly and accurately, while also providing preventative measures so that unwanted wildlife gets out and stays out. Ideally, you’ll want a wildlife removal plan that will work permanently without having to re-examine your house on a regular basis (but we do offer inspection appointments as well).

Learn More About Our Wildlife Removal Services

While our company’s pest control experts have experience in all different kinds of pest control, these are the wildlife removal situations we are most familiar with:

  • Residential Bird Control: Don’t tolerate bird droppings and other unpleasant property damage anymore! We can help with safe and humane techniques to lure them away from your property and keep them from coming back.
  • Mouse Control: This area of wildlife removal is relatively common, and we utilize monitoring measures to prevent them from coming back after successful baiting and removal.
  • Rat Control: Rats can pose significant health risks, so we’ll take care to remove them and any traces they leave behind around your home. We’ll also assist you with preventative measures that will prevent them from coming back.

While this is only a small sample of the wildlife removal services you might need, we are more than happy to assist you with all pest control problems. More than 20 years of experience have primed us to handle any infestation with ease, and our clients will likely tell you the same thing about us. It’s our pleasure to help our local clients love the homes they’ve built for years to come.