Rat Control, Newnan, GA

Improve your sanitation levels by kicking out the rats.

Rats have a reasonable reputation for being filthy rodents. They can easily carry and spread diseases, cause structural damage as they gnaw through your property, and breed way too quickly. They also have a habit of finding comfort wherever they are not welcome. If you find rats to be a problem in your home or business in the Newnan, Georgia area, we at Overwatch Pest Management are ready to help with our rat control services.

Rat Control in Newnan, Georgia

Rats are a bit different compared to the basic field mouse, but they’re just as invasive. Luckily, we have all the necessary training, skills, and equipment to take care of that for you with our rat control services. We have over 20 years of experience, so we can effectively bait and trap every single rat on your property, so they can’t bother your home or business any longer.

We understand that rats are a sanitation concern, so we will be sure to find any traces they might have left behind. We can then provide additional monitoring and exclusion services to ensure no other rodent enters your property.

Beyond our basic rat control services, we like to offer sanitation advice that can help prevent any future infestations. The last thing you need is to leave your home or business accidentally wide open to a new infestation simply by leaving food out in the open or leaving holes left uncovered. We can help you plan for the best possible prevention for your property.

Improve your sanitation levels by kicking out the rats from your property. Give us a call to schedule our rat control services today.