How to Kill Bed Bugs, Newnan, GA

Our professionals know how to kill bed bugs to protect your family.

When you’re trying to sleep, the last thing you want is to be bit by bed bugs and discover that your home is infested with them. We understand how unsettling and uncomfortable it can be to have these insects hiding in various places, and that’s why we’re the professionals to turn to for help. With over 20 years of combined experience, our team at Overwatch Pest Management knows how to kill bed bugs and will put that knowledge to work when we provide you with bed bug control.

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Newnan, Georgia

If you’re not familiar with how to kill bed bugs, you should know that there are several steps involved. First, it’s important to inspect your home thoroughly and note all the infested areas. We’ll take a close look at some of the most common places bed bugs hide, such as in cracks in your bed frame and headboard, in the seams between the wall and carpet, underneath paintings, near your mattress’s tags, etc.

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From there, the next step is to contain the infestation by washing linens in high heat or sealing other infested objects in plastic bags for an extended period of time to ensure the bugs die. Then it’s time for treatment. We’ll use our safe and effective products with attention to detail before helping you with bed bug prevention.

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