Signs You Need Residential Pest Control Services Immediately

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A pest-free home keeps your family safe from health hazards, giving you peace of mind. The best way to achieve this is by proactively fighting off constant pest invasions. However, knowing when to call residential pest control services can be difficult.

Signs You Need Residential Pest Control Services Immediately

Here are some signs you have a pest problem that requires immediate professional help:

  • Pest droppings. Most pests will leave droppings as they move around in your house. This also shows that they have made your home their shelter. Some pest droppings are a potential health risk to you and your family, so seeking residential pest control services is necessary. At Overwatch Pest Management, our team of professionals undergoes constant training to learn effective ways of identifying and controlling pests.
  • Structural damage. Wood is a primary target for rodents and termites. The presence of gnaw marks should be an undeniable sign you need to involve professionals. Our team of professionals works with an associate certified entomologist. This shows we are knowledgeable and highly skilled at identifying different types of pests causing structural damage in your home.
  • Unusual sounds. Strange noises could be a sign of a pest problem. For example, the sound of movement in your house’s walls or on your roof is unnerving and can cause sleepless nights. This is another clear sign you need residential pest control services as soon as possible.

Our company has the expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of your house to identify the source of the problem before eliminating it. Contact us today for a free quote.