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If you’re dealing with a grub problem in your garden, trust our local team to help.

Here at Overwatch Pest Control, we understand that maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn is essential, whether you own a residential or commercial property. However, if you’re having grub control issues in your yard or garden, your beautiful landscape can be at risk. Fortunately, our skilled pest control professionals are here to offer effective grub control solutions to keep your Carrolton, Georgia yard healthy and lovely.

Grub Control in Carrolton, Georgia

Grubs are beetles in their larval stage, and they primarily feed on the roots of plants and grasses. Grubs are small, white, and wrinkly, much like tiny C-shaped worms. As these grubs feed on roots throughout your yard or garden, they can cause extensive damage, leaving behind brown grass and dead flowers. You might have grub control issues if you notice plants wilting in your garden, patchy areas in your lawn, or more birds around your property, as they commonly eat grubs.

When you suspect that you have a grub control issue, it’s important to rely on a professional for effective treatment as soon as possible. Our experienced pest control company will be able to come up with a customized, targeted solution for your unique property, and we’ll be able to offer ongoing preventative services to keep your property grub-free for good. When you choose our local team, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have over 20 years of industry experience and are dedicated to helping our clients get long-term results.

Don’t let grubs wreak havoc on your lawn. Instead, contact us today to schedule a grub control consultation to keep your property in top shape.

At Overwatch Pest Management, we are proud to provide grub control services to customers in Newnan, Carrolton, Whitesburg, Sharpsburg, Palmetto, Senoia, Turin, Grantville, Moreland, Haralson, Sargent, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Brooks, LaGrange, and Douglasville, Georgia, as well as throughout Carroll County, Heard County, Coweta County, Troup County, Meriweather County, Spalding County, Fayette County, and Fulton County.