What You Need to Know About Crawlspace Services

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Your crawlspace is an incredibly important part of your home. It supports the structure, houses ductwork and pipes, and creates a barrier between your home and the moisture on the ground. Maintaining your crawlspace is essential for a healthy home, but many homeowners overlook it.

What You Need to Know About Crawlspace Services

Here’s what you need to know about crawlspace services and how they benefit your home:

  • Inspection– Before anything else can happen, a professional needs to inspect your crawlspace to ensure they are catering solutions to your particular needs. They will look for things like moisture, insect infestations, wood damage, mold, asbestos, and ventilation problems. After they take note of which issues need to be addressed, they will discuss your options with you before treating the space.
  • Encapsulation– Encapsulation is one of the most common crawlspace services. After dealing with issues specific to your crawlspace, such as removing pests, the professional helping you will line the crawlspace with a polyethylene barrier. This will seal the entire space and prevent moisture and pests from entering. They may also suggest installing a dehumidifier or sump pump for added protection. As a result, you will eliminate pests, have better indoor air quality, and improve your home’s structural integrity.

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