Why Crawlspace Services Are Essential

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Crawlspace problems shouldn’t be ignored because they can lead to costly home repairs. If left unattended to for a long time, they can reduce the value of your home or have an impact on your health. Here are more details about the benefits of crawlspace services.

Why Crawlspace Services Are Essential

  • Eliminate pests and rodents. From termites to roaches, pests can find their way into your crawlspace. Eventually, these pests may be able to access your living space. In addition, raccoons, rats, and mice can get into your crawlspace and start to reproduce, destroy insulation, or chew pipes. Our highly knowledgeable staff at Overwatch Pest Management will inspect your crawlspace, identify the problem, and offer effective pest and rodent control services.
  • Prevent mildew and mold. High humidity in Newnan, Georgia is one of the reasons mildew and mold can thrive in your crawlspace. You need to deal with this problem because mold causes respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma. Our well-trained team will evaluate your crawlspace and develop a plan to control the situation.
  • Save money. Our crawlspace services help achieve drier, cleaner air. As a result, you won’t have high demands for heating and cooling, so your energy bill will decrease. A well-maintained crawlspace can also serve as an extra storage space for tools and items you don’t use.

Our caring staff is committed to helping you get relief from persistent crawlspace problems. Contact us today for crawlspace services you can trust in Newnan, Georgia.