Termite Inspection, Carroll County, GA

Protect your home from damage by scheduling a termite inspection.

When it comes to pest infestations, some are less serious than others. But as for termites, you’ll want to get them under control as soon as possible to protect your home from structural damage. If you suspect that your house may have termites, or if you have seen unmistakable evidence of their presence, we’re the professionals you can turn to at Overwatch Pest Management. With over 20 years of combined experience in termite control, a team that undergoes continual training, and the right attitude, we are more than prepared to provide the termite inspection you need.

Termite Inspection in Carroll County, Georgia

A termite inspection is one of the most important steps in dealing with termites because it allows us to collect information about the problem. We’ll not only look for signs of termites around your home and check underneath your house to confirm their existence, but we will also note other details so that we will be better equipped to resolve the problem. After all, the correct treatment may depend on the type of termites, the size of the colony, their location, and a variety of other factors.

If you need a termite inspection at your home in Carroll County, Georgia, you can trust our team. We’ll be as thorough as possible. We’ll also communicate with you so that you know what to expect in terms of how long treatment will take and how much it will cost. Contact us today to schedule your termite inspection, so we can help you protect your home from damage.

At Overwatch Pest Management, we are proud to provide termite inspection services to customers in Newnan, Carrolton, Whitesburg, Sharpsburg, Palmetto, Senoia, Turin, Grantville, Moreland, Haralson, Sargent, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Brooks, LaGrange, and Douglasville, Georgia, as well as throughout Carroll County, Heard County, Coweta County, Troup County, Meriweather County, Spalding County, Fayette County, and Fulton County.